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Chain Link Fence Machine Chain Link Fence Machine Chain Link Fence Machine Chain Link Fence Machine

Chain Link Fence Machine

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Brief Introduction

Chain link machines is also called diamond mesh machine, flexible mesh machine, chain link machine, chain link making machine,chain link manufacturing machine,chain link mesh making machine.. The chain link fence machine produces the chain link fence by steel wire. The chain link fence machine is not strict to the steel wire, the wire is fine or thick. The chain link fence machine can adjust the width wire mesh according to the customer’s demand.

Chain Link Fence MachineChain Link Fence MachineChain Link Fence Machine

The chain link fence machine is welded of high quality steel and channel steel with PLC control.  Its knife molds has high hardness to ensure the stability and beauty of the network and it has high cutting precision with easy operation.  The chain link machine using either galvanized wire or PVC coated wire materials.  It can produce both standard and compacted rolls by the adjustment in the coiling speed.

Chain link fence production process

Chain Link Machine is for manufacturing Chain Link Fence of different size. Here is the short production process

First, bend the galvanized steel wire or PVC coated steel wire in advance, we can change the size of the prebent wire through the mold , which is the size of the mesh, then the prebent steel wire will be transferred to the mesh machine, the mesh machine is responsible for the transmission of prebent steel wire to complete the weaving.  Next, the woven net (chain link fence) is pressed by a waiting Y-shaped driver to fold the wire at the end of the hook net in half with itself, thus completing the locking side edge.  The chain link machine will move the mesh ahead when mesh edge is locking and then machine make that mesh roll automatically.

 Wringing side edge is also very simple, as long as the position of the holding machine is equipped with a rotating device to complete the wringing work.  Sometimes chain link fence needs one edge to be locked and the other edge is twisted locked edge,  you only need to install and run the equipment at one end.  If both edges need to be screwed, add a twist device to both ends. When not in use, just turn off the device. 

Chain link machines Features 

Easy to operate and fully automatic,PLC-controlled fully automatic machine, workers with general mechanical knowledge can master in an hour

Low failure rate,the same species of raw material loss of 1%-5%, while the innovative chain link fence machine is almost zero

High efficiency,Servo motor control speed, good performance, production efficiency is about twice of similar products

Dual wire feeding (wire feed)

chain link fence machine can save 20% of your electricity

Suitable for all kinds of low carbon steel wire

The width of chain link fence changes automatically, and the mesh size is adjustable in a wide range

Preferential price and first-class quality is the most ideal choice for customers, chain link machine/best service machine/rhombus mesh machine/rhombus mesh machine/rhombus mesh making machine/best service automatic machine/best service full automatic machine/fence weaving machine

Chain link machines Advantages

The wire mesh produced by the chain link machines have the features like as the uniform mesh,smooth surface, beautiful appearance,difficult to corrosion,long service life,simple weaving way,practical etc.The chain link fence machine can weave the chain link fence by wires of various materials, like as galvanized wire,steel wire, PVC coated wire,etc.


Automatic chain link machines

2m chain link fence machine3m chain link fence machine4m chain link fence machine
wire diameter1.8mm--4mm
mesh size25mm--85mm
wire type

galvanized wire;

black annealed iron wire;

PVC-coated iron wire ;

Wire knitting capacity (speed)

f the mesh is 50 × 50mm, width: 2m, the output will be: 1m/2min.
Total power5 machines; totally 10KW
Size(L*W*H)Main machine: 4800*1200*1850mmAuxiliary machine: 3000*1700*1120mm
Main machine: 6800*1200*1850mmAuxiliary machine: 5000*1700*1120mm

Operation Mode

fully automatic

One main machine; one auxiliary machine; Two poles and trays for holding the wire; two bases of trays;

FAQ of Chain link fence machine

What is a chain link fencing machine

Fully automatic single wire chain link fence machines can produce many different hole size of the mesh with different molds. The machine is controlled by PLC, we can set the length of the fence by PLC. The machine only need one worker for operating


What is chain link wire mesh?

A chain-link fence (also referred to as wire netting, wire-mesh fence, chain-wire fence, cyclone fence, hurricane fence, or diamond-mesh fence) is a type of woven fence usually made from galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. This forms the characteristic diamond pattern seen in this type of fence.


single wire and double wire chain link fence machine difference

They are different in Single wire input and double wire input.


materials you can apply to a chain link fence machine

type of woven fence usually made from galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire.


Watch a Machine Make a Chain Link Fence



how much chain link fence cost

Chain link fencing costs between $5 and $20 per foot for materials and $10 to $20 per linear foot for installation. Homeowners typically pay $2,177 on average, or between $1,195 and $3,159. Tall, thick-gauge fences cost up to $40 per linear foot, or more than $5,000 total.


chain link fence usage

Security – Chain link fence can be used to create a secure barrier around a residential home, commercial business or industrial job site. Various heights of fencing can be used depending on the need and additional deterrents can be added, such as barbed wire, to prevent climbing access


What type we can supply

We offer fully automatic single wire chain link fencing machine, semi automatic single wire chain link fence making machine, automatic grassland field mesh fencing machine, automatic chain link fencing machine, jali making machine and fencing jali machine



Our service

We provide our customers with a list of product descriptions and the necessary videos

Our fully automatic chain link fence machine has been exported to many countries and areas,like as Indonesia,Kenya,Paraguay, South Africa, Thailand, secru, India, Paraguay, Philippines, Ethiopia, Kenya, Canada, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Tanzania, Bouvet Island, Nepal, Vietnam, Morocco, Turkey, Senegal, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia. Fiji, Germany, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Syria, Chile, United Arab Emirates. Belarus, Guyana, Brazil, Senegal, Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, etc. Our machines won the unanimous praise of customers. We have the best quality at the best price.

Special specification models can be customized according to customer requirements. If you are interested in our chain link machines, or would like more information, please contact us..



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