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Barbed Wire

Product details

                      Barbed wire

Brief introduction

Barbed wire is an isolation protective net made of barbed wire wound on the main wire (strand wire) through a variety of weaving processes.  

Barbed wire is twisted and braided by the fully automatic barbed wire making machine. 

Folk commonly known as iron tribulus, barbed wire, barbed line.

Barbed wire is a kind of modern security fencing materials,Barbed wire can be installed at the top of the wall or the top of the fence as the deterrent to the perimeter intruders.

Galvanized barbed wire has great protection against corrosion and oxidation which are caused by the atmosphere.      The barbed wire can be installed on the fencing post with longer or shorter spacing because of  Its high resistance .  It is normally  used for grass boundary, railway, highway isolation protection, prison, etc.


1. Bright finished

2. Anti-rust

3. Strong and hard

4. anti-corrosion

5. anti-ageing

6. solarization resistance

7. Durable


MaterialHigh quality low carbon steel wire
Surface treatmentElectro galvanized  
Hot dipped galvanized
PVC coate
Dural alclad
usagegrass boundary, railway, highway isolation protection, prison, etc.
colorBlue,yellow, green, white, black..... support customer customization


Used for anti-theft and protection in factories, private villas, the first floor of residential buildings, construction sites, banks, prisons, banknotes printing factories, military land, bungalows, low walls and other places.  

Specification of Barbed Wire
Gauge of Strand and
Barb in BWG
Approximate Length per kilogram in Meter
Barbs Spacing 3";Barbs Spacing 4";Barbs Spacing 5";Barbs Spacing 6";

 Special size and specification can be customized

 Barbed wire classification

 Classification by twist methodSingle twist
Double twist
Traditional twist
 Classification by twist plait method positive twist
 reverse twist
positive and negative twist.
  Classification by surface treatmentElectro galvanized wire
Hot dipped galvanized wire
PVC outside, black wire or GI wire or hot dipped galvanized wire inside.
Dural alclad  (new products)


Twist method: it is to twist two or more wires into a double wire rope and then twist the barbed wire around the double wire.  Reverse twist method: it is to wind the barbed wire around the main wire (that is, a single wire) and then add a wire and twist it into a double strand barbed wire. 

Positive and negative twist method: it is the opposite direction of the direction of the main wire winding from the wire.  It's not twisted in one direction

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