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welded wire mesh panelwelded wire mesh panelwelded wire mesh panelwelded wire mesh panelwelded wire mesh panel

welded wire mesh panel

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Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Brief Introduction 

Welded Wire Mesh includes welded mesh rolls and welded wire mesh panels.

The welded wire mesh rolls are widely used for garden fencing, plaster mesh.

Welded Wire Mesh panel is made of thicker wire, the material includes PVC coated wire, GI wire,stainless steel wire, the opening size is larger. All of them has excellent corrosion resistance performance and durable life.

Welded wire mesh panel is mainly for high security applications, such as prison fencing, animal fencing, park fencing,National border fencing, factory fencing etc.


Welded wire mesh panel
Surface treatment ColorHole size explanation
Electro galvanizedsilver25.4mm is 1” holes are perfect for small animal’s enclosures, hutches, cages, chicken coops and rabbit runs50.8mm is 2” holes are perfect for creating fencing for larger animals such as dogs. 
Hot dipped gavnizedsilver
PVC coatedGreen,black,brown,yellow,etc
Stainless steelsilver



Welded wire mesh panelMeshWire Diameter
1 × 125 × 2514–112.0–3.0
2 × 150 × 2514–82.0–4.0
2 × 250 × 5014–82.0–4.0
3 × 275 × 5014–62.0–5.0
3 × 375 × 7514–62.0–5.0
4 × 2100 × 5014–42.0–6.0
4 × 4100 × 10014–42.0–6.0
5 × 5125 × 12514–42.0–6.0
6 × 6150 × 15014–42.0–6.0
PackingEach of the both ends is wrapped with plastic cloth and mesh bag, and then packed in the box; as the customers& require

Note: Special size and specification can be customized. 


1. Poultry production fence, parks and the zoo fence,playground fence
2. Highway and railway barrier, sports fence, the road of grean belt protection
3. Protecting mountains, prevent the stone falling, and the landslides happening.

4. National border fence

5. Prisons fence


1.smooth and flat surface


2.firm in structure and hard to be damaged


3.Precise opening and exact mesh


4. Corrosion-resisting.




6.Wide range of application

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