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Product details

                                                                                  Galvanized  Spool (Reel) Wire 

Brief introduction

 Galvanized wire is divided into hot dipped galvanized wire and electro galvanized wire (electric galvanized wire). 

The wire range is from 0.15mm to 8.0mm 

the packing is divided into spool (reel) and roll.

Just as its name implies, spool (reel) wire is all kinds of metal wire winding on the spool or reel by the shaft wire machine.  

The material range for the spool (reel)wire  includes all kinds of wire and PE, PVC plastic coated wire, such as: stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, hot dip galvanized wire, steel wire, black iron wire and so on.  

The wire diameter range: 0.15-8.0mm (weight of each shaft 5 kg ----1000 kg);  0.1-.05 mm (each axle weight 0.5 kg --20 kg)  

The spool wire can be spooled with the spool (reel) and it can also be spooled without the spool (reel).  It is divided into two ways, line and non line.  


 galvanized wire is used in construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, highway guardrail, product packaging, daily civil,mask making,armoring cable and other fields  

Specification and Technology

ProductsDiameterAllow toleranceZinc coatingElongation200mmTensile strength
Spool wire0.2-0.55mm+/-0.01mm10-20g/m215%390-380Mpa
FunctionArmouring cable wire,mask wire construction,wire mesh,etc.


                                                                        Packing details
Weight Plastic spool per cartonTon per pallet or plywood box
2.2kg to 4kg61
5kg to7kg41
10kg to 20kg21
30kg to 100kgPut plastic reel on pallet directly

Special specifications support customization

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