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Hexagonal Wire Mesh - Slope Protection and Chicken Wire

Jun. 27, 2022

Hexagonal wire mesh has good flexibility and anti-corrosion properties and is widely used as gabion mesh for slope protection. Depending on the use, hexagonal wire mesh can be divided into chicken wire mesh and slope protection mesh (or gabion mesh), with the former having a smaller mesh.


Gabion can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock surface hanging net shotcrete, slope plant, railway highway isolation guard net, it can also be made into reno mattress, reno mat, box, basket, net pad, used for rivers, seawall anti-erosion protection, reservoir and river closure with cage.


Specification of Hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh has hexagonal holes of the same size. Its material is mainly low-carbon steel. Depending on the surface treatment, hexagonal wire mesh can be divided into galvanized wire and PVC coated wire. The wire diameter of galvanized hexagonal wire mesh is 0.3mm-2.0mm and that of PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh is 0.8mm-2.6mm.



A wire mesh with hexagonal links can be made using different methods. It can be reversely twisted, straight twisted, or double twisted. They are also made from different materials, depending on the purpose of the wire mesh. Some of the materials used for hexagonal wire mesh are plastic, galvanized iron, brass wire, and even stainless steel.

Galvanized wire meshes are very durable and do not corrode or rust easily. They are made from electro-galvanized wire or wire dipped in zinc. Plastic wire mesh, on the other hand, is made of carbon steel coated with plastic. It is also known as PVC wire mesh and is available in a wide range of colors.

Advantages of chicken wire mesh with hexagonal mesh.

Chicken wire mesh is made from woven steel wire with openings and is many times referred to as hexagonal wire mesh. Some of these wire meshes have rectangular and diamond-shaped openings, such as chain link fencing. But it is common to see wire mesh with hexagonal openings. Wire mesh with rectangular or diamond-shaped openings is formed by joining two adjacent wires together. Here, the adjacent wires cross once. However, the wires of a hexagonal mesh are twisted around each other more than twice, creating a stronger structure than the others. Therefore, if any wire is cut, it will not be completely damaged like a chain link.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

 Hexagonal Wire Mesh     

Hexagonal wire mesh is both flexible and durable and has a variety of valuable uses.

Hexagonal wire mesh for poultry fencing: chicken wire mesh is used as a fence for poultry enclosures. The fence keeps birds under control and prevents them from going astray. It also helps to keep predators out. The best material for poultry fencing is galvanized wire mesh with hexagonal mesh. It is strong and can withstand pressure and the weight of animals.


The multiple weaving of the hexagonal mesh also helps it to withstand disintegration over time. Hexagonal mesh can be used to enclose chicken machines for grass-fed chickens. Hexagonal netting for garden fencing: birds are not the only thing that predators visit. Animals such as deer and squirrels can also wreak havoc on gardens. Just like poultry fencing, chicken netting keeps these animals away from the garden. Horizontal chicken netting ensures that animals cannot pass through the openings. It is also able to withstand the weight of the animals against it.


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